This will be my first official post. I’ll try to keep it concise while still giving you all the important information and what to expect. First and foremost this blog is chronologically following my journey to being a game developer. I hope that some day aspiring developers will find this helpful (or for the experienced maybe a little chuckle).

Secondly, I would like to say welcome, I’m glad you’re here!

My goal for this blog is for it to follow me, along with my trials and tribulations, for the next few years. My style will be as professional as possible while still maintaining my personal touch and flair. I do though along the way want to share my personal views on our industry and my feelings toward events that transpire. I want to share the happiness and pains that go along with learning to develop games.


      I will be doing my best to make 2 posts a week to be released on Monday and Thursday. The posts will cover what I have learned in-between those days. Should no real progress be made I will share what I can and then start a discussion about an industry topic. If along the way you would like to request a blog about something I haven’t covered feel free to reach out.

     One of the beautiful things about this industry is that those that work in it (developers, artists, audio people, and so many others), when taken care of properly, have such an intoxicating passion. I personally don’t know how you couldn’t want to be engulfed in that every day. Just imagine for a moment waking up every day ecstatic to go to work not because you love what you do but because of the constantly positive and delighted environment that is a workplace filled with people who have an adoration for what they do.

A little about myself. I have gone to college (University for those outside the US) several times but never able to finish. It was never for a lack of desire, most of the time I just got bored during the prerequisite classes. I knew though that I wanted to develop games. I tried multiple times over the years never making much progress. I think something clicked after I turned 30. I was sick of working for others and was tired of not following my dreams. So, here I am making a real attempt to help myself and help others.

Again, I’m happy you’re here and I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

Disclaimer: ** All photos are sourced from free sites, credit to photographers are not required but I feel they should receive credit.


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