C++ & Unreal Blueprint’s

You may not want to code…

Let us start by saying if you don’t want to code (pause for dramatic effect) you may not have to. When you really think about the full scope, I’m guessing that’s your frame of mind if you are here if not that’s fine too and I hope I can be of help to you too, the bulk of the people who help create games don’t code. This post is going to be a little for those that want to code and a little for those who don’t.

I’ve made the decision moving forward to use Unreal engine for the purposes of this blog and the start of my indie career. I tell you this so you can follow along in Unreal and know what to expect in the future. Unreal has a system within it called “blueprints” that is a visual representation of code. What this means is that if you don’t want to be in the coding trenches you now have a way out. Blueprints lays out before you a way to click on assets or props within the editor and draw lines that will present pop-ups asking you what you want done. That’s it, you’re done. This does all the coding in the background, but if the coder on your team needs to tweak the code he can view it in his IDE and change it how he needs to and hand it back.


Photo Taken By: Jakob Owens


Game Engines

Those things games are made in…

Welcome back, everyone! Today we are going to learn what game engines are, who makes what with them. I’ll be trying multiple engines in this process, it’s the only way I’ll get to know the different ones more intimately. So as we start I want you to think about the game engines that you know of. How many are there? Could you name more than four? Did you know there was more than four?

Before we dive into the most prominent engines and the games that were made with them. I wanted to go into a little more depth about how I will be interacting with these engines moving forward. Unity is the engine I have had the most experience with but I don’t want to limit myself to simply that. As I am trying to learn what would be best for me and also trying to give you the most information I can I will be trying out a few of them. The one I’ll be moving to next is unreal just because of it’s known popularity. Now, let’s get into these engines.

The Engines

I will be listing these engines in no particular order. Let the games begin!

Where do I start?!

The Beginning

So i will start this by saying trying to figure out what platform to even code on was one of the biggest pains starting on this journey. I researched, watched video tutorials, and posted on forums. I downloaded at-least five different programs trying to figure out the difference between IDE’s and Text Editors. The short version, if you don’t want a headache, just go download an IDE. If you don’t know what an IDE or Text Editor is I will be explaining below. If you are using a PC then you are going to be downloading Visual Studio (the Community Edition is free); I have heard a version of VS is coming out for Mac but i’m not certain when. Unfortunately, i’m not on a Mac so you will have do some research to find out what works best for you. In the future I would love to come back and update this post to be more help to both sides of the fence.